Case Studies

Examples of How Physiotherapy Treatments have helped others!

Devoted to the horses that I treat and very proud to be able to illustrate the wonders that physiotherapy can achieve.


Section A Mare. Age 15

Pony Club and County Show Pony

I was called out to treat this pony as she was getting increasingly difficult to shoe and was tending to buck when ridden which was unnerving her little rider.
On palpation, revealed extremely contracted, shortened longissimus dorsi muscle.. she had very plasticised fascia in the thoracolumbar region and also brachiocephalicus muscle was extremely tight.
Treated with phototherapy for muscle spasm and ultrasound to help soften plasticised fascia.
After just 2 treatments her bucking had stopped and both rider and pony were much happier.
Also advised exercises and management techniques that would help improve the length of her dorsal chain of muscles and help prevent this scenario happening again.

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Gelding. 15.2hh. Age 16

WHP and Pony Club

Owner called me in for general check-up as he had been competing at a higher level recently and due to compete in a very important competition. He hadn’t been exhibiting any signs of pain or discomfort.
During my first assessment he was very reactive in longissimus lumbar region both sides… mobilising pelvis as I palpated through the muscle and exhibiting signs of discomfort. Treated with phototherapy and massage.… Also tight and sore through Brachiocephalicus (neck) – lots of yawning… yawning is great as is a sign of tension being released!!!
Went to visit him the following week and was very pleased to report that he was no longer reacting to palpation in lumbar region.
This highlights the importance of having your horse/pony checked on a regular basis, especially if you horse is in work. The diligence of this horse’s owner has paid off as we were able to rectify a problem that if left untreated could have resulted in much bigger issues.

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TB Mare 16.1hh Age 10

Hacking and dressage

She had had a small accident, kicking out and getting her foot stuck in large plastic water trough. She suffered minor cuts and some swelling that healed within a week.  Once back in work however her behaviour deteriorated and would buck as soon as she was asked to trot in a circle or canter.
Saddle was checked but all was fine.
On assessment atrophy (wastage) was observed in her right hand semi-tendinosus muscle…  Her right gluteal was switched off and not firing and she was circumducting with her right hind as she walked. She was taken out of work for a couple of weeks but had 24/7 restricted turnout. Her atrophied muscle was treated with specific massage techniques to re-awaken the switched off muscle and I devised a rehab plan that would help in the healing of any possible tendon/muscle strains or ligament sprains that may have occurred in the SI region... these exercises would also strenghten tissues in this area. After 3 weeks of in-hand work and specially devised exercises she was brought back to work and was no longer exhibiting any of the behavioural problems she had before I started treating her.

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