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The Importance of Grooming your Horse!

We all know how important it is to groom our horses but sometimes this can be over looked in today’s busy world so I thought it would be a good idea to share why I think we should be taking time out to groom our horses thoroughly on a regular basis.

Grooming, especially before you ride will help to stimulate blood flow to muscles and prepare the muscles for work which in turn will help prevent injuries. It is important for muscles, tendons and ligaments to be warmed up thoroughly before exercise commences and grooming can be part of this process.

Essential bonding time for you and your horse…a chance for you to show your horse how much you love them ♥

Scratch that unreachable itch… this will make your horse view you in a positive light… and will no doubt be releasing some feel good factor endorphins in the process…

Identify wounds or small injuries that may have been overlooked…. Very important to address any small issues before they develop into major ones!!

I know how tempting it is to keep rugs on this time of year so that they stay clean but I think it is great if you have a nice sunny winters day to let them out without rugs for an hour or so to let them have a good roll in the mud… there will be lots of hard work to follow but the grooming required after will be giving them a great all over massage!! They will love it!!



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