What to Expect & Costs


Treatments normally last an hour and are tailored to individual requirements... I like to carry out a full gait and posture analysis of the horse which can include a trot up and work on the lunge or under saddle if required... I will then assess the musculoskeletal system through palpation and devise a treatment plan to help alleviate any issues found.


Most treatment sessions will involve using a range of massage, passive stretches, advanced massage, myofascial release and Phototherapy.


After treatment I can help devise a plan for rehabilitation or advise on management techniques that will help ensure that your horse stays as healthy as possible moving forward.

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Manual and Electrotherapies

A range of different techniques can be used to treat various musculoskeletal issues:
Manual Therapies including various massage techniques, fascial release, passive, active and range of motion stretches.
Electrotherapies include laser and phototherapy for superficial tissues.
Ultrasound especially useful in the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries.
Very low frequency Ultrasound has been very successful in the treatment of non union bone fractures
NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) for the treatment of atrophied muscle
PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnet Field) has many applications including promoting healing in the SI joint.



Conditions Treated

How I can help your horse

Muscle tightness and soreness often manifests itself as undesirable behaviour, if your horse is exhibiting any of the following it could be due to hypertonic muscle that could be treated by manual or electrotherapies:
- Failing to pick up the correct canter lead
- Disunited canter
- Refusing to jump
- Bucking, rearing, bolting, napping
- Not wanting to be groomed/saddled
- General loss in performance
Tendon and Ligament injuries and non-union fractures can be successfully treated using electrotherapies resulting in a faster (up to 40%) and better quality heal.
Wounds can be treated effectively with phototherapy.
Muscle Atrophy can occur for many reasons but the muscle can be restored back to full function using NMES or manual therapies.

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Treatment Costs

Available 24/7

Treatment cost £45.00 Per Session

Multi Horse Discounts
I am able to offer discounts if I am treating more than one horse at the same yard on the same day.

 Multi Horse Treatment Cost £35.00 Per horse.


Tendon and Ligament injury healing times can be significantly reduced by the use of Therapeutic ultrasound. It will also create a better quality heal.

Treatment Cost £15.00 Per Session 

Veterinary Referral

All treatments are carried out under strict Veterinary referral.